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Ontario Golf Path Paving and Surfacing

Non Slip Rubber Golf Path Paving, Porous, Flexible Rubber Paving, Environmentally friendly and one of the most resilient surfaces to place in a natural setting.

Our Rubber Golf Path Paving system is poured in place, resurface existing asphalt, concrete, flagstone, and even apply on top of gravel. Non slip and impact absorbing.

When paving in a natural northern setting, one needs to consider the conditions which the paving will be subjected to.

We specifically engineered our product to protect against,

  • Safety concerns of slip and fall
  • freeze/thaw cycles
  • Growth of Tree Roots
  • Flooding
  • UV Exposure
  • Foot and Cart Traffic
  • Moisture Control
  • Environmental footprint

By featuring,

  • Non slip properties of a Rubber Safety Surfacing
  • Flexibility (comprised of Rubber, nothing stretches or contracts better)
  • Underwater stability
  • Binding agents with high content of UV stabilizers
  • Resilience to wear (Rubber is very difficult to wear down, this is why our car tires last so long, even at high speeds).
  • Porous paving, allowing water to return to the soil without run off conditions.
  • Comprised of Ontario’s used tires, our golf pathways are environmentally friendly and part of our Think Green initiative.

Our Golf Path Paving is non invasive and requires minimal large scale machinery. Thus we have the ability to Surface Pathways without interfering with the day to day operations.

We also have the ability to integrate colours and logos into the pathways, assuring the aesthetic appeal to suit your course and country club requirements.

Take advantage of our free consultations to see what solutions we can provide for your pathway needs.

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Keep us in mind for inside the club house too!

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